Girls Season 3: In Production Tease (HBO)

It maybe just a 30 second promo for the upcoming season of HBO’s hit GIRLS but I’m excited and can’t wait to see what is in store for Hannah, Marnie, Jessa ( my personal favorite) and Shoshanna. The whole cast is back with the exception of Charlie, Marnie’s clingy/needy, on/off, poor then rich boyfriend who was played by Christopher Abbott.


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Lindsay says she wanted to go to jail…
In her sit down chat with Oprah that aired Sunday night on OWN, the 27 year old Parent Trap star says she wanted to go to jail. ” I think it was just to find some peace and just have no choice but to sit and be.” Lindsay says this time in rehab was different because she “…wasn’t fighting at all.” Going on to further explain “i just let go and was able to just be like ‘Ok you probably do know whats best, ‘because my idea of doing what’s best for me has not worked in the past.” Cady Heron (Lohan) admits she is an addict and booze is her go to drug. “That in the past, was a gateway to other things for me.” Lindsay mentions her past cocaine use. My favorite mean girl goes on to say that she is done with hard living and hard drugs and is currently on nothing but vitamins and Nexium for acid reflux.
I pray she does well and stays on track because I really think she’s a true talent.

Kim Zolciak is double knocked up!
The former RHOA is having twins with her ATL Falcons husband Kroy Bierman. The” Tardy for the Party” singer told E! News “I was completely shocked. I had no idea. It was a natural conception but twins do run in the family so I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised.” The 35 year old housewife has two young  sons (Kroy Jr.”KJ”,2 and Kash, 1) with husband Kroy and two older daughters from a previous relationship. (Brielle, 16, and Ariana, 12)

Form RHOA Kim having twins


Lee Thompson Young passes at age 29
This is a bit of sad news. A former Disney Star dies at 29. Lee Thompson Young better known to people in my age bracket as the star of the Disney series ” The Famous Jett Jackson.” If I recall correctly it was like Disney’s first show starring a black main character…I may have to check my sources on that one. Mr.Young was found this morning at 9 AM dead from what looks to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound in his NoHo (North Hollywood) apt.”It is with great sadness that I announce that Lee Thompson Young tragically took his own life this morning,”- Jonathan Baruch, Young’s longtime manager. Baruch goes on to say, “Lee was more than just a brilliant young actor. He was a wonderful and gentle soul who will be truly missed,” Baruch said. “We ask that you please respect the privacy of his family and friends as this very difficult time.”Lee was a series regular on TNT’s hit show “Rizzoli & Isles.” The family will give more details on a later date.
My paryers go out to his family and loved ones.



West Heads South West with North West…and Kim
Kim, Yeezy and their baby girl , North go to Oklahoma for Kanye’s grandfather, Portwood Williams Sr., who passed away at age 98 on Aug. 10. This is most likely the reason Kim missed her youngest sister’s (Kylie Jenner) lavish sweet 16.
Yeezy’s granddad was an Oklahoma civil rights sit-in vet in the 1950’s and helped desegregate lunch counters. Williams Sr. told news crews months before his death that he approved of Kim saying “She is beautiful – and she’s just as sweet as she is beautiful – and that’s what I liked about her!” and  “She was just down to earth, she’s rich, and those kinds of people, they’ve got everything.” Check out E! for the pics

Stacey Dash has to much time on her hands…

Stacey Dash love to tweet and has no problem mentioning anybody. This week Damon Dash’s first cousin (not his sister, but his cousin) decided to take aim at the Big O herself. She shamed Oprah in 140 characters for making a comparison between Trayvon Martin and Emmet Till. Oprah felt that the killing of Till in Mississippi in 1955 was pretty much the same as Trayvon’s case.
Stacey tweeted
“If you aren’t careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing – Malcolm X,”
Dash also added a link to a Fox News Story ripping O for what she said. She completed the tweet with a simple “Shame on you @oprah.”
While I can see why Oprah would draw comparison to Trayvon and Emmett. These are both cases of young black men taken to soon and murdered for no discernible reason. They were in the wrong place, at the wrong time, and the wrong color. (I don’t want to go to deep into my thoughts on the cases at this moment) Stacey it’s your right as a person on Twitter to voice your thoughts in 140 characters or less but there comes a time when you got to log off and check for job postings for a HOT 46 year old “actress”, which I use loosely because you are mediocre at best. I haven’t seen you act in anything since “Single Ladies” on VH1. That was like 2 years ago and you got fired.

Book 2 of Legend of Korra has a date!!!

Follow nerds, fan boys and girls, anime lovers, and everyone in between, REJOICE! Finally, the second book of Nickelodeon’s smash hit show will be coming back this September. This season will dive head first into Korra’s spiritual side as the avatar. As we all know from last season this was a side she was not familiar with and had a tough time engaging in up until the last episode. Book 2 will not only include all your favorite characters, but will introduce some new ones. Namely Desna and Eska, Korra’s waterbending fraternal twin cousins and (take a moment to sit for this) The very FIRST Avatar, Wan! Avatar Wan will be voiced by Steven Yeun who plays Glenn on AMC’s the Walking Dead. While the details on Avatar Wan have not been released we do know that he will appear in 2 episodes titled “Beginnings 1&2” and Wan’s story takes place 10,000 years before Avatar Korra’s. I can’t even start to tell you how happy I am to hear this! As a big fan of the show there are things I want to see them discuss like, Aang’s last days as an avatar. I also can’t wait to see the progression of character relationships (Korra and Mako, I’m talking to you!) and to find out if Korra learns any of the fine disciplines of bending such as lightening, metal, and the most feared/illegal blood bending. Whatever the writers and creators of Legend of Korra have cooked up I’m here for it! Here is the trailer to get you ready for it too. —>Legend of Korra: Book 2

Steven and Wan

Steven and Wan


I can’t believe it!

Hard 2 Knock Shoppe


After deliberating for more than 16 hours, a jury of six women on Saturday evening found George Zimmerman not guilty in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed 17-year-old in Sanford, Fla.

Zimmerman had pleaded not quilty to charges of second-degree murder with an affirmative defense, claiming he had shot Martin to save his own life after being attacked by the teen on Feb. 26, 2012. The trial, televised nationally on cable networks and streamed live across the Internet on various sites, kept the country captivated awaiting a verdict on the tragic events that took place that rainy night.

Following four weeks of testimony, more than a dozen witnesses and a host of controversy, Zimmerman walked out of court a free man.

The case first drew national attention during the 44 days the Sanford Police Department took to decide that Zimmerman should be arrested and charged with murder. During that tense…

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So today was a really good day. I had a cookout with my family and ran some errands and hung out with friends and family, but later in the night things took a weird shift when I was asked by a good friend if I was hacked. I was in shock and had to read the text a few times. She gave me the info and it turns out that I was. I began digging and getting more texts. I get a call from a friend I was with earlier and I was using this persons phone to check my Facebook. He hacked me but not on purpose according to him. He says he tried to connect his pics fb via Instagram. I was pissed to and extent but more so embarrassed. As the night went on I thought it would be better to try and defuse the damage done. Kinda like a press release. I did it some people replied and that was good. They understand the situation. My concern is for others that didn’t yet or have not talked to me. As the night went on my feelings of anger and embarrassment grew. My friend partly responsible for the SNAFU apologizes. But I can tell he doesn’t think it’s very serious. It is my rep on the line and I take that seriously. I feel like I now have to defend myself and who I am. It saddens me a bit. This isn’t the end of the world but its in a way it’s character assassination. It’s not cool. It makes me rethink who I see this person as. I just feel sad.