Book 2 of Legend of Korra has a date!!!

Follow nerds, fan boys and girls, anime lovers, and everyone in between, REJOICE! Finally, the second book of Nickelodeon’s smash hit show will be coming back this September. This season will dive head first into Korra’s spiritual side as the avatar. As we all know from last season this was a side she was not familiar with and had a tough time engaging in up until the last episode. Book 2 will not only include all your favorite characters, but will introduce some new ones. Namely Desna and Eska, Korra’s waterbending fraternal twin cousins and (take a moment to sit for this) The very FIRST Avatar, Wan! Avatar Wan will be voiced by Steven Yeun who plays Glenn on AMC’s the Walking Dead. While the details on Avatar Wan have not been released we do know that he will appear in 2 episodes titled “Beginnings 1&2” and Wan’s story takes place 10,000 years before Avatar Korra’s. I can’t even start to tell you how happy I am to hear this! As a big fan of the show there are things I want to see them discuss like, Aang’s last days as an avatar. I also can’t wait to see the progression of character relationships (Korra and Mako, I’m talking to you!) and to find out if Korra learns any of the fine disciplines of bending such as lightening, metal, and the most feared/illegal blood bending. Whatever the writers and creators of Legend of Korra have cooked up I’m here for it! Here is the trailer to get you ready for it too. —>Legend of Korra: Book 2

Steven and Wan

Steven and Wan


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