So today was a really good day. I had a cookout with my family and ran some errands and hung out with friends and family, but later in the night things took a weird shift when I was asked by a good friend if I was hacked. I was in shock and had to read the text a few times. She gave me the info and it turns out that I was. I began digging and getting more texts. I get a call from a friend I was with earlier and I was using this persons phone to check my Facebook. He hacked me but not on purpose according to him. He says he tried to connect his pics fb via Instagram. I was pissed to and extent but more so embarrassed. As the night went on I thought it would be better to try and defuse the damage done. Kinda like a press release. I did it some people replied and that was good. They understand the situation. My concern is for others that didn’t yet or have not talked to me. As the night went on my feelings of anger and embarrassment grew. My friend partly responsible for the SNAFU apologizes. But I can tell he doesn’t think it’s very serious. It is my rep on the line and I take that seriously. I feel like I now have to defend myself and who I am. It saddens me a bit. This isn’t the end of the world but its in a way it’s character assassination. It’s not cool. It makes me rethink who I see this person as. I just feel sad.


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