summer time and the bloggin is not so easy

Summer is here which means school is out and I made the choice to sit this summer session out and relax ,but I have a hard time just taking a chill pill and sitting myself down. So I have decided to take my blogging more seriously and take it to another level. When I first started this blog it was difficult to find what mt “brand” is. I thought I was just going to write about myself but that would get boring esp. for me. That is why I have had to start and restart and restart again. I have found my brand and I’m ready to run with it. TerrellMack.Com is a lifestyle brand. Basically me writing about pop culture, health, food, some news-type things and my life (duh…the blog has my name on it) There will also be some fun (or at least I think it will be) stuff. I also started a fashion blog ,Haus 27 and its a fashion blog. Its still coming together but I have a very clear vision for what I want the blog to be. So please stay tuned and give me lots of feedback and let me know. You can also follow me on my NEW twitter page @TerrellMackBlog and go like my Facebook. To check out my budding fashion click this link! (

With all that said Good night


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