How you doin’ Terrell?

Hey strangers,
It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, I know! I have just been busy with school and work. 2013 started out okay, then toward the middle ( March/April) it got a little crazy/scary and I was just sad all the time…but moving forward I’m much happier these days and looking forward to the summer and focused on getting a new job, because I need the money and I need to start saving for the trip I have in August. For those of you that don’t know I work in a hospital. While the health insurance for a single person is good the down side is the pay for the position I’m in. Sidebar: Of the hospitals in my city this one has the lowest pay scale. Knowing what I know now I will definitely take my time and ask tons of questions when looking for a job. Also I’d think twice when accepting a job from family friends or anyone I know on a very personal level who is in a position of power over you. Someone like a supervisor, manager, or boss. The reason I say this is in my experience that level if familiarity sometimes makes you a target for unwanted attention or change the way you see the person. In the work place this person may be a while new way than how you see them and you may not like what you see. Moving on I look forward to this summer. New and Great things are coming my way and I’m turning 28! (YAY) With all that said I will post more and be more active on my social media accounts. This is my baby and namesake and I’m not neglecting it anymore. If I do call CPS!


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