SNOW DAY: the Rochester Edition

Sooo, yesterday was my day off from work and I thought I was going to go and do all this stuff like get my new car (EVE) washed and waxed maybe do a little shopping, treat myself to a nice lunch. Just basic stuff, but NEMO had other plans for me, and didn’t let me know about it.  Waking up to a “Winter Wonderland” kind of hurt my feelings a little bit. What really messed me up is when I had to pick my dad up from work for some reason I didn’t have the wherewithal to see if I needed to shovel my way out of my house, which I did. When it was all said and done it took me 1hr and 50mins to pick up my dad for a trip that on a clear and sunny day would take 30mins and thats driving slowly. I just what to take the time to share with you all the pictures I took on this misadventure.

IMG_3146 IMG_3113 IMG_3144 IMG_3147 IMG_3148 IMG_3149 IMG_3151 IMG_3152


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