2013 my year, your year!

here we are 9 days into 2013 and its awesome! brand new year which means a brand new start. On New Years I promised myself 2013 would be my year. The year things are going to happen and I’m going to do some great things. Maybe it was just the sheer excitement, or my lack of sleep but when I said all these things to myself I never thought about how I was going to make said goals happen. So, here I am 9 days later kinda at a stand still because I want to get started on all the things I said I’d do, but I have no idea how to get started, no idea which one to take on first, and no time to hesitate. I’m the type of guy that is ALWAYS in their head thinking, rethinking, and problem solving. It gets very tiring to say the least. To cut right to the chase I writing it all out here. My goals, my struggles, and accomplishments. I’ll share my goals, how I’m coming along with them , and which ones I complete. My hope is that this keeps me on track and reminds me to follow through with things I start. I also hope that this helps or inspires others to do the same, go for your goals, and make them happen!



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