Pray For Newtown

As many of you know the start of this weekend began on a bitter note with the tragic shootings that took place in Newtown, CT. The lives of 28 adults and children were claimed on Friday due to the acts of a deeply disturbed and tormented young man. This story breaks my heart for the families and for the victims. When I first heard the news and heard about this young man committing such a horrible act against his own mother and then turning his hate and anger on to innocent children and having no regard for their young lives filled me with rage and hate. When I heard he committed suicide I couldn’t refer to this young man as anything but a coward and a despicable person. I hated him. Since then my heart has changes. I no longer hate him but I’m sad for him. Just as I have forgiven this person I hope and pray that the families of the deceased can one day do the same. I know this wound will take a while to heal and even then the pain may still be present. I pray it doesn’t hurt as much with time. Please continue to pray and show your love for the families and the community of Newtown, CT.



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