Swag & Basketball

In honor of the NBA Finals I thought I’d highlight a player that I feel is one of the league’s most stylish. His personal style is very similar to my own and much of what he wears is how I want to dress. Upscale, gentlemanly, tailored, and with enough swagger to pull it off. I’m talking about none other than the Miami Heat’s own Dwayne Wade. D-Wade is always put together whether on the court, the red carpet, or hanging out with family and friends. This man approaches fashion with the same attitude he approaches his opponents, unintimidated and with a sportsman’s spirit.

Dwayne in this months Issue of American Vogue which is dedicated to the athletes headed for London this summer for the Olympics.

Wade and Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour chatting front row at a fashion show during last years NYC fashion week

D’s bling and newest endorsement is for the Swiss time piece Hublot.

N*ggas in Paris: Yeezy and Wade during Paris Fashion Week


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