New Me, New Clothes

Hey every body! I hope you all enjoyed your Memorial Day as mush as I did with my family. As some of you may know Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start to summer, and with a new season comes a new wardrobe. A new wardrobe means ( at least to me) a new start. I have made the decision to go through my closet and see what items I wish to keep and which I choose to get rid off. Making 3 piles I pick out what to keep, what to donate, and what to scrap (because it is a crime and a sin against humanity to pass it along to anybody else. In the midst of the long process I found out that I was really overdue for something like this. Having tons of out dated, barely worn, and tired items. At 26 I feel this is an essential part of moving into the next chapter of my life. I want my clothes to reflect who I a now not who I was. I’m not saying that clothes and your appearance are the only thing that will ever matter BUT you’d be surprised what new duds can do for you. I encourage you to really check out your closet and your personal style to see if it currently reflects the chapter your entering or already in and are you happy with it?
Sooo with all that said I got a lot of shopping to do
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