For the love of Labels

Louis Vuitton, Apple, Gucci, Jeremy Campbell, Rolex, Nike. What do all of these have in common? All of these are globally recognizable brands, 3 of which are luxury fashion labels. All of these are great brands that have done very well at making a certain type of item for certain types of customers. Does having the means to purchase one or all of these brand name products say anything about how stylish a person is? No, it simply states that you like that product. A perfect example of this is this gorgeous brunette young lady that sits in front of me in my Art History Class wearing the finest in luxury and designer everything. She looks very nice and put together but all I can tell about her personal style is that it’s pricey. There is nothing about what she wears that is original or stands out. They are all designer duds but every single item can be purchased at any discount store for more than half the price. I do not say this to knock her or anyone who likes expensive things. I’m merely saying that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a certain look. Yves Saint Laurent once said ” Fashion fades, style is eternal.” What I take this to mean is in 10 or 15 years will this young lady be able to go back to these pieces and mix and match them into her current wardrobe or will they be yesterdays news? Some of the most stylish people I have met are able to take the old and mix it with the new. Mix the high-end with bargain basement finds and create a new look that has them written all over it. So, to sum up everything you don’t need the newest brand names to look good. Why look like an expensive someone else when you can look like an original you.

ps all items below are items i have seen the lovely young lady in front of me wear.


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